23 June 2008

Working IN MY OFFICE!!

As promised last week, today I actually was able to work in my office for the first time in months - really since it was a lovely little tarp tent - and I LOVED IT!!

There were a few glitches - the internet connection wasn't as strong as it used to be, and I haven't moved my desk out there yet. A wise friend once said to me "when building your own place, don't start using it until it's done, or you'll never finish it."  I'm not quite in danger of that, but I will work from a camp chair and in various yoga like positions rather than a formal desk until it's good to go. 

Really, the biggest glitch was that I had a meeting at the coffee shop at 3:00 AND I HAD TO LEAVE!!

When I got back and went back to work, I put in some good time.


And while it is a shed with an Azeri carpet, it is MY SHED with an Azeri carpet.


More soon!

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