19 November 2008

Shelves- a statement of support

So this is the deal. I have always wanted built in bookshelves. I have worked for years to earn my degrees (BA, MA, PhD) and have loved doing them. Books were the foundation of my education and my books have been in storage for 2 years. I have wanted to have my books, for reference, for review, for support, for comfort. 

But the challenge is that I don't want to spend any more money on the office for now, and the walls are not straight. If you look at this picture you can see where they come in at angle towards the top. (It is because the bales are pressed up against the 2x8s that are the band around the main support post)

The light is so gorgeous this time of year in the office too...

So, to start with I needed sturdy posts that would go from the yes, ANGLED ceiling to the floor to serve as the main support. 

I have big 4x4s, but they are pressure treated and I didn't want them in the office. (Icky fumes)
I didn't think I had anything, until I realized I had a huge pallet that some of the lumber for my deck came on. When I moved it, it was really heavy, but the rails were definitely long enough.
So I cut and braced those.
I also had the wooden natural post from Barbaritoes, I wanted to use... I didn't know how to cut them since they are big and round... but I figured someone could do it, (obviously) and I'd figure it out when I get to it.
But first things first:

Getting the shelves built.
Lots of little challenges - and a lot of little things to figure out. That always feels good.
The first two shelves are about 16 inches deep. The others are only about 5-8 inches deep.

Once I got them up (which FELT WONDERFUL!) It was time to get my books!!
They are buried in the garage with a bunch of other things blocking the way, so I got what I could.
and the ones from around the house
And a few other goodies. The black and white 4 sided star is something James made when he was about 13. I've always had it near my desk.
I'll probably put another picture in there, but at the moment, that will do.
It got dark as I was hauling books out to my office, so I had to stop, but it was great to have them there behind me. I love it!!

And I moved my desk into my office! It's real and official and MINE!!

I'm so proud of myself for this one!

What's next?

The floor in - working so good so far. There was a bit of a gap between the wall and the floor, so I got to play with stucco again - it was fun! And then...

I decided it was time to put in book shelves... 

I mean not to brag or anything... but this is the view from my office....

I love my office

such good energy!

What a view!

Working on a lovely day

Sometimes there are not words...