05 June 2008

Back at it... soon!

Hi Folks!

For those of you who want more photos and updates on the miracle that is my office, they are coming. I am finishing off one short report for work, and then my plan is to put a lot of time getting my office up to speed and actually workable.

Yes, I know I can "work" out there now, sitting amidst the loose straw and scattered tools. And I can "work" out there getting ever closer to plastering. 

But the purpose of this office is to be able to work - productively in my own space. There is a lot yet to do out there, and I'm eager to get it done. 

As soon as I get this report out, my office is mine!! (and I am my office)

thanks for your patience. It will be a day or two.

In the meantime, check out America At Home
There are some nifty shed-working spots in there too!

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