03 June 2008


This morning, I got out to work on the office. 

So I decided to tighten it up. Afterall, whether plaster or stucco, it needs to be secured to the bales and the frame of the building...
sooo with my trusted tools - a heavy duty staple gun, and a hammer, I climbed all over the building securing that wire mesh down,... It's ready for a hurricane!
I admit, I'm exhausted, and had a bad case of the poor-little-old-me's, working by myself. But I realize that once I get it done, I can plaster, and once I can plaster, I can take down the tarps, and really start using the space!! (She says optimistically)

Below is a view into the office proper from the east window. I LOVE MY LOFT!!! 
See the windows up top are the all of the loft!
And while my office looks like a cave at the moment, I was able to work out there in 95 degree heat (@ 36 Celsius).  My poplar tree, that I didn't want to cut down last year is very happy and providing great shade and beautiful color over the office deck.

It is a work in progress. . . 

And though it feels like it beats me sometime... 

I love it.


Kitty A. Smith said...

I think this is so awesome. I will be watching for progress. I have always been a "Make Something From Nothing" kind of gal myself. Way to go!!!

Mary said...

Hi Kitty!!

Many thanks!! Progress is my middle name. Well, not really, but I do want to be able to start using my office soon, and that is inspiration enough! Thanks for reading and comments always welcome!

AmberStar said...

I started reading The Shedworker blog a few days ago and am just transfixed with all the neat sheds. I found the link to your blog there and love what you are doing. Keep on keeping on. :)

whkratz said...

Hi Mary -- Off topic, but thanks for adding the "What's It All About" section. It will really help new readers.

Best Regards.....Bill Kratz

Mary said...

Hi Amberstar!

MANY THANKS!! I agree SHEDWORKING ROCKS!! Alex is my own personal hero!!

Thanks for the encouragement too! I'll take all I can get, and knowing "someone is watching" makes it that much more fun!

Stay tuned!

Mary said...

Dear Bill,

Wow!! Thank you for checking back in! I think you raise a good point about blogs being a bit difficult to navigate, so suggestions on anything I can do to help are welcome!

You aren't a university professor by any chance are you? :-)


whkratz said...

Hi Mary --

"You aren't a university professor by any chance are you? :-)" Well, only in my dreams. Actually, I was educated as an architect though I never practiced. I've been kicking around the design/construction/alternative energy industries for most of my working life. I'm poking around these shed-related blogs and sites right now, because I'm considering launching an outbuilding venture with a little different approach.

Best Regards.....Bill

Mary said...

Hi Bill!

That sounds like a great idea!! A year ago I was looking for something exactly like that - an environmentally friendly outbuilding that could be seriously shed worthy for shed working!

Couldn't find it, so I decided to build my own and here I am...

GO FOR IT!! and keep us posted!!