20 June 2008

Slow going and chicken wire is a bitch

So yesterday, after taking some good natured ribbing from a colleague in Bratislava who could tell my heart was torn between getting out to the office to work and staying in and watching the Portugal v. Germany match, I finally got outside. James was otherwise occupied so I was on my own. (To his credit, he did the grocery shopping, so I was glad to be on my own) 

We've finally cleaned out the straw on the floor. It's starting to look like a REAL office!! So exciting!!

Next week is a full work week so I'm planning on working out in the office!! 
I haven't done this before because I was concerned I'd sit out there feeling like I'd rather be working on the office. But I think I'm making enough (slow) progress that I can start taking advantage of the "focused productivity vibe" that is out there. Plus I'm working on a project I love so that will be good too.

Anyway, yesterday was a nice bit of solitude. I could listen to the music I liked - the stuff that makes James cringe because, well, I'm old and I'm his mother. 

The play list did include: Fine Young Cannibals, The Stones, Turkish Percussion Group, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Akon, Patsy Cline, George Michael, Madonna, The Clash, Aerosmith, Pete Townsend, and of course our home town boys R.E.M. Admittedly, James likes some of these, but not with his mother listening. Or dancing... ;-)

In the working, I was getting the chicken wire fixed to the inside. It's harder than I thought it would be because it's fastened at the top and bottom, and then to the sides in places (windows etc.) I haven't tied it down yet, and James and I will do it today.

The chicken wire got it's revenge on me... but fortunately, it was solved with a band aid.

The gaps are still there, but I think I have figured out a way to secure the chicken wire to the bales using the baling twine on the bales, and then using the pins/spikes as additional support. 

I'll get it going, and see how it works. And let you know.

I may not get as much done as I'd like, but I have to accept that I am just not as young as I once was. Hopefully I'm a little smarter though...

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