25 June 2008

8:00 pm Wednesday Night

I'm out in my office. Yes, that office. I've been out here all day, drafting the project document for the Kura Aras project. It's one of my all time favorite projects, for so many reasons.

But it is starting to get dark. 

I'm surrounded by green. It's been warm out here today - walking into the house, the temp has to be near 97. But in my little elevated cave, it stays comfortable. I did bring the fan out today - just to get the air moving at the peak of the heat this afternoon.

Now, I know there is activity in the house. The boys are getting hungary. But I don't really want to go in. I want to linger. It occurs to me I could actually live out here if I needed to. I've escaped the ringing phone, the piles of mail on the table, the raucous chatter of the television in the next room. Out here is the whirring of the fans (computer and oscillating) and the lone call of a cardinal getting ready to go to sleep. Somewhere far away an airplane engine drones. 

It is so utterly peaceful. I don't really want to go in yet. . .

And I find myself asking: how often do other "shed workers" find themselves treasuring the last moments of solitude in the day before they stumble back into the house for life as we know it?

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