21 June 2008


So, I finally got outside today. It took some doing in that my hands were hurting pretty badly this morning. I don't know if it is arthritis or just over doing, it, but it's not comfortable feeling like my fingers won't move in the right direction for several hours when I first get going.

Nonetheless, James and I got out there and got to securing the chicken wire to the bales. He left after a while to do some other things, so I had time to listen to an ALL ARETHA afternoon, and finish up. I am now done with CHICKEN WIRE!!! You have no idea how happy I am.

For securing the chicken wire to the bales, after a lot of trial and error, I finally ended up doing a reverse staple method where I would make about a 10 inch piece of 16 gauge wire into a "C" shape, and then push it through the bale. When both ends were protruding, I would then grab each with pliers and fold them inwards. It seems to do the trick.

After finishing that task, I did my Friday afternoon clean-up - swept the floor to get all the straw out, also got the loft cleaned out, and hauled everything to the deck that didn't need to be inside. A short 20 minute rest in the loft was a nice perk too. I had about 7 big burlap sacks of straw left over - so my plants have been mulched, and a bag saved in case I need it for something? I swept off the deck and got all the garbage ready to haul out. I'm proud to say that after a YEAR of working on this, I have. . . 

wait for it . . .

ONE large bag of garbage to haul out!!



It's mostly bags from insulation, cement and a few odds and ends. This girl KNOWS how to recycle!!

Of course, you have to really admire the clever use of spare bits to build my little shelve at the back of the office in the photo. Coffee cans, extra glass bricks, spare wood. Hey, Ikea has NOTHING on me!!

And the office is ready for work next week!! I'm so excited!!

Yes, yes yes, I will be working in a cave of stacked and chicken wired straw bales, sitting on the floor, and using an extension cord for power, but HEY! It finally feels like PROGRESS!!!

I am very excited.

By the way, Get Smart is a very cute movie. Steve Corell is perfect. Go see it.

It's late.

Thanks for reading.

Good night.

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