05 June 2008

NOW I get it...

As I kid I remember watching TV ads and seeing normal, healthy looking people cringing and needing some sort of pain relief. These poor souls were not "old" but were definitely grown ups. And they felt SOOO much better after they took that little pill.

Now, I'm savy to the advertising messages, and all that, but the other day I was e-mailing a friend of mine I've known for about 20 years. He's about 15 years older than I am and is just taking up running. He's been walking a 9 minute mile for a year now, so running isn't a huge  move. But there are new kinds of soreness associated with it. 

I mentioned that I'd put in a long hard, HOT day on the office build and was feeling tender. My muscles ached, my hands felt bruised, every time I moved I was reminded of what I'd done...

This morning I woke up on the dreaded "Second Day". For folks who are weekend warriors or occasional athletes, you know the first day after strenuous exercise you're tender. The second day it all settles and that's where hurting happens. 

My joints across my body were a symphony of percussion as I got out of bed today.

I have become that lady in the aspirin commercial.

God help me. I'm old. 

Or at least I'm feeling it.

I think I'll go take an aspirin.

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