07 June 2008

Getting out the door...

It's 12:30 Saturday afternoon.

It is 91 Degrees F (33 C) outside, and feels like 95 (35 C).

I have committed to working on the office today.

One of my students from Italy is dropping by to help out (Bless her HEART!!)

And Hillary Clinton is 30 minutes late to make her endorsement speech for BARACK OBAMA!!!  That is my excuse for not being outside yet.  

I am wearing a very big grin at the moment. It's good to see things moving into the next stage!!
(I'm not gloating, I'm just very pleased to see this happening... It's been a good race! SO FAR)

I am going out there. I am going out there. I am going out there....

And In the meantime, I just read a great article on getting motivated by Leo over at Zen Habits.

Updates on my progress forthcoming...

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