25 June 2007

When one door closes...another get's recycled?

One Last thing....

I want southern light in my office. I want to be able too look out into the woods, and I want it floor to ceiling. New french doors at Lowe's run about $900 a pair and I'm thinking 2-3 pairs. (damn!)
So, after the drive to North Georgia, and given the places I get to travel help me appreciate the ingenuity of our species. Afterall, we don't just find stray bits of hair and twigs and build our nests, we get serious, dig oil and coal out of the ground, burn it, get energy, dig more stuff like rock out of the ground and river beds, grind it up, and then with more stuff we dig out of the ground which we get real hot and then use as structural materials, build bridges across rivers and ravines, and then start all over. And in the meantime, we find stuff to build houses out of. I see houses build out of all sorts of things - local stuff, stuff people find, stuff people salvage, stuff other people discard. In Barda, Azerbaijan there is an entire fence made of nothing but car trunk lids. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, it occured to me that buying new "stuff" would be increasing the amount of "waste" that ends up in land fills. And some of the old "stuff" might be useful. Maybe even doors.
There is a strip mall being torn down near by. So that *they* can build another strip mall. The old one is probably 30 years old. The new one... well, it's inevitable.
But the old one, very 1970's strip mall looking. BUT it has DOORS!!

Okay, what are *they* going to do with the doors? Big, heavy, double glass doors.
Probably going to break -em down with a bull dozer. Load 'em into a truck and let them spend their retirement in a landfill. . .

You see where I'm going here?

I'm working on it, and will keep you posted...


Mrs. Pivec said...

Good luck with this! I hope you get the doors; it would be a crazy shame to waste them if they were just going to be destroyed!

And I am so with you with the clothes drying outside. I LOVE it and love that here in FL I can do it year-round. I only recently learned that it is finally legal to do so in my state DESPITE deed restrictions (which are EVERYWHERE around here). A 2006 law was passed to allow us all to do it and I wish more would. I was just thrilled to find out that it existed, because it seemed so insane to me that having moved to the "Sunshine State," I could no longer hang out my clothes! Now I'm out there all the time and it's really so lovely. :)

Nice to find your blog - by way of Greenpa. Good luck on your building project.

Mary said...

Dear Mrs. Pivec,

Thanks so much!

Those pesky restrictions on drying clothes outside just blow my mind!!
My father recently lived in a place (Beachwood Ohio) which banned drying clothes outside. Yes, I know it is to keep it looking neat, but still...!!! Venice is beautiful when they all hang laundry across the canals to dry.

I'm thrilled they passed the law! Enjoy your fortune of drying things year round!! Thanks for the input and I'll keep you all posted about the doors!

Very best,

Anonymous said...

One other suggestion, and not just for the new office, but things in general... there is a site called FREECYCLE.ORG which has its goal to keep things out of landfills. You may be able to find things for your office there. Sometimes you hit a landmine, other times, you can't find anything. Good luck!