15 June 2007

The Plans (so far)

Hi Again!

Okay, this is where I list what I *want to do*. I meet with Steve (The Builder Guy, who I've known since he was a puppy and is a known green sympathizer) on Monday to go over the options. I'll try to get together the ideas. I've been making sketches, reading up on different green technologies etc. I've also talked with my accountant. Sorry, I don't get to write this off as a business expense. (Darn it). We'll see how much of this materializes. I'll try to scan in the drawings and include pictures of the site, but it may not be until after I meet with Steve. The Orange River Basin is in tough shape and I have to finish the project document this weekend, if possible.

But this is what I want:

  • Built into the hillside with south facing windows. Yes, I am building a cave. But the idea is that it will have passive solar in the winter for warmth, and in the summer the sun is farther north. Also, it will be in the woods, with lots of deciduous trees around - leaves in summer, sun in winter. Plus building into the hillside will make for GREAT insulation, both in terms of heating and cooling.
  • Sod roof. Yes, Seriously. Concrete (hopefully) with sod on top, slanted for drainage. Again, great insulation, great cooling. And a garden on top to boot. What else?
  • Solid concrete walls. Will double as a bomb shelter, if Canada attacks from the North at least.
  • A composting toilet. Don't say ewww.... what do you think people used before flush toilets? Actually composting toilets are a waterless way to compost "waste", without the smell, and it will need to be emptied (not smelly when it happens). Plus my flowers will be very happy! And no cost of running the sewage lines!! (SWEET!)
  • Solar powered radiant heating. It means that the floors will be toasty warm in winter, cool cool cool in summer. (may rival cucumbers)
  • Recycled cork flooring. Truly sustainable and cushy.
  • Glass brick internal wall for the bathroom, and 1/6th front wall (non-load bearing) to increase light reflection.
  • Water for shower and sink from a tank fed by rain barrels off the main house. May need to be supplemented in droughts.
  • Small electric tankless water heater. Warm water without spending the cash to keep it hot!!
  • Energy efficient windows - across the South side, plus one on the east and west for cross breezes.
  • Locally sourced slate for the patio to absorb heat in winter.
  • Retractable porch roof to keep things cool in the summer. (see cucumber above)
  • And of course, the florescent light bulbs. Always with the light bulbs. Thanks Verona kids!
  • And ???

There are bound to be more ideas. I have faith in all of you to help out with it too!!

Until then, I'm camped out at the site in "my office al fresco" also known as "The Fortress of Gurlitude". Yes, seriously. I'm working out of a tent - it's really pretty fun.

I'll add links for some of the stuff on the list too!

See you soon!


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Greenpa said...

You might want to consider NOT having glass facing straight south. Gasp. yeah, I know, heresy. But- I've got a greenhouse, with south facing glass, and my next one will NOT have ANY. I'll face the glass SE, AND SW. Better heat gain in the cool morning; better head shed at noon, when you're overheating like crazy on sunny days; and better heat gain- as the day cools. Not sure many have tried this, but I intend to; straight South is HOT HOT HOT too much of the time.