21 June 2007

Reflections on how green to go...

Well, I'm definitely down from my "OH!! WE FINISHED THE PRO DOC!!" intoxication. Actually, I've been feeling a bit hung over all day. A few more things to do yet. Demo projects need scripting out, and there's that pesky new Incremental Cost Analysis format. (shoot me now?)

Anyway, despite a notable lack of sleep, it's been a good day.

Hot, but comfortable - worked out in the fortress of Gurlitude a good bit.

I'm still waiting on the quote from Steve. But I'm sort of wondering if I haven't gone over board with the dug out house. I mean really, right now I am working out of a tent. And it's not even a real tent. And it's pretty comfortable. Do I need a bunker?

Athens is not frigid in the winter, and not miserable (Florida miserable) in the summer. The rest of the year, it's actually quite pleasant. Plus I'm enjoying feeling "close to nature". And there are budget considerations. I'm still thinking, and waiting....

I've also been doing a bit of blog reading. A few new nifty finds:

Little Blog in the Woods. http://littlebloginthebigwoods.blogspot.com/ A neat hippy type guy who lives very simply in the woods. An interesting blog on how he manages. It's very down to earth, and well, deep forest green. The author "Green Pa" makes the point that when he was getting into this some 30 years ago, instead of reading the "success stories" of folks who had built eco-groovy homes for the first time, he looked to the Fox Fire series - stories of Appalachian folks who had lived this way their whole lives. It struck a chord. Not that I'm going to be building a shack with a still out back, but it's a reminder that this project doesn't have to be a very expensive building - that sort of misses the point.

The other nifty find was a woman who decided to really do something about her impact on the planet in Green as a Thistle (clean as a whistle, get it?) http://greenasathistle.com/ She's committed to doing something to be "greener" every day. It's very well written and very interesting. And Honestly, like Low Impact Man, and Green Pa, very inspiring. And clever. It's worth taking a look at!

It's also made me think about what I'm ready to give up - and what I'm not.

Tonight, I'm knackered, but so far:

I was out of toothpaste and used baking soda instead!! Just from the dentist fresh and smooth!! (okay, I can do that, plus a little toothpaste for fluoride - like once a day.

Willing to give up the need for AC in my future office. Yes, it will get warm. Fans work. shade works. Not a need for more freon in world.

Not willing to give up the DHC face stuff I use. It feels so good and the Deep Cleaning Oil - aahhhh... Plus I'm working outside in the woods. I think it's a fair trade off.

Not willing to give up my refrigerator. At this point. Sure, I *could* live without it, but my friends Ben and Jerry are counting on me to keep them cool.

Willing to give up incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent. As the bulbs burn out, we replace them with the more eco-friendly ones. At first I didn't like them - light was too cool or blue - looked like a hospital. But now, I'm liking them more and more. And they are in warmer in colors too.

Not willing to give up my Chanel No. 19. A girl has to have limits. It's my little luxury, and ooooh la-la! I LOVE it!!

Willing to give up ... some more stuff. I just don't know what. Yet....

What about you? What are you willing to give up to make the world a little greener?

I need to sleep.

Ta ta!

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