27 June 2007

Georgia Summer Heat

Well, summer is finally here and IT IS HOT.

We are in a terrible drought, as I mentioned before, so it's been a dry heat, though we've had a bit of rain the last few nights. Not much. Not enough. Not nearly enough. The county has implemented a full on water ban - no outdoor watering during the week. Odd numbered houses can only water between mid night and 10 am on Saturday, even numbered on Sunday. The nursery business is suffering, the University horse pastures are turning to dust, and even the bugs are down, since there isn't enough water to sustain them.

We need a good hurricane in the Gulf to get things back to normal, but it will take a big one. And there are major floods in Oklahoma. Weather has gone wonky - and we need to keep it going. A BIG major catastrophe to wake people up and get them to turn their air off, recycle a little more, and quite with the SUVs already!

Anyway, I digress... It's hot.

It's 9 am and 77 F/25 C.degrees already!!

It will be cooler today - 92F/33 C. Yesterday was about 95F/35C.

And most Georgia summers we'll have a few weeks that cap 100F/37.8 during the hottest part of the day. But that won't be until the end of July. Or at least usually that's when it is.

So the question arises:

Do I want to put an airconditioner in my office?

No, I don't. I don't want one. I dislike the feel of being hermetically sealed into the AC, and then trapped. I've had this on going battle with myself and others about turning on the AC. With Dad living here now, he's a Georgia boy at heart, and he's not pushing to turn on the air. He lived without it in Georgia (when it was cooler in the summers), and honestly at 73 his circulation is a bit slower, making the heat more tolerable. (Why do you think all the old folks move to Florida and Arizona?)

It will be cooler if I can build under ground, but that is still a question... but if not, I'll need to design it so that it's comfortable in the summer.

But, I also really need to be comfortable enough to work. Fans are great! and I've got one out in the fortress/tent now. It helps a lot. And I've got this neat thing that draws heat off my laptop. It keeps my mitts cool, hooks up to the USB port and makes it possible for me to hold my laptop, get this... on my lap, when it's sweltering, without wanting to toss it across the room. (At least due to the heat).

High ceilings are good for cool, as are fans and such. Good insulation and proper exposure will help, and windows that open at the top are good too.

I think I need to learn more about this. The office/shed/house/fortress will be in the woods so there is the shade.

But I'd like to avoid melting....

Ahhhh.... well... Better get on out there... and enjoy the cool while I can.

Suggestions, thoughts and comments welcome as always!

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