25 June 2007






Recent users say "My laundry seems to smell so fresh - AND NO MORE STATIC CLING!!", "I thought it would take days to get it to work - but it only took a few hours!!" and "A GREAT WAY TO DRY HEAVY LOADS!!"

I tell you, for years, I've been tempted to package a 40 ft. rope and 2 dozen clothes pins, and market it as "The NEW and IMPROVED SOLAR POWERED CLOTHES DRYER!!"

Actually, it seems absurd to even have to think about it. But of course, how many of my dear neighbors, and fellow country men (and women) will run an electic powered clothes dryer AND airconditioner at the SAME TIME??!!! It's like putting a humidifier and a de-humidifier in the same room and letting them fight it out.

Anyway, I've now banned using the dryer in the house until mid November. (Note the heavy duty packing tape!)

The boys have humored me. Actually, I think someone snuck a load Saturday night, but it was cool and the air was off.

But I'm not leaving them high and dry, or damp

I did laundry Sunday and got 3 loads out to dry in record time:

And we're talking heavy blankets, jeans, sheets, towels, and the other standard stuff.


and cost me Nuthin'! Zero! Nada! Nichevo! And CO2? Not a lick.

Okay, this may seems small, and absolutely bizarre to anyone who doesn't live in the US - but ya'll are gonna have to trust me on this one.

Besides, when James was a baby, we couldn't afford a dryer - so we washed his cloth diapers and dried them year round on a folding rack that was my grandmother's. And he NEVER had diaper rash. And to this day, he still doesn't. (I'm assuming.)

So who's with me on this one?


ClareSnow said...

>Okay, this may seems small, and
>absolutely bizarre to anyone who
>doesn't live in the US - but ya'll
>are gonna have to trust me on this

Does no one in the US hang their washing out in the sun? I live in Perth, Australia where the sun shines a lot, so that makes things easier. I know if you live where it rains a lot being without a dryer can be impossible. But I hate dryers because they use so much energy. Congrats on using the sun to help you out, and I like being out in the sun while I'm hanging out the washing :)

I recently blogged about how I do my washing with as small an impact as possible.

Cheers, Clare.

Mary said...

Hi Clare!

Very few people in the US hang laundry out to dry. As a matter of fact a lot of places have bans on it! (See the comment in the post above)

It is INSANE and yet we do it. I think that the dryer manufacturers as well as power companies and static guard sheet makers conspire to keep it that way.

I hope it will change... I'm doing my part, or at least trying to.

I will tell you, I love the way laundry smells when dried outside!

Thanks for your feedback and any insights from down under are most welcomed!!