29 June 2007

Just how far?

Last night my 17 year old son was very frustrated with me.

He was mad because I didn't want him to run the clothes dryer.

He complained that I was being an "eco-nazi" by refusing to allow him to do it.

When I asked what the problem was with clothes dried in the sun shine, he said "They are scratchy and stiff".

Now this is a child who never wore disposable diapers. He wore cloth diapers. No land-fills of poopie diapers for this kiddo. And we didn't own a dryer, and I hand dried all his diapers and he NEVER had diaper rash. Ever. His pediatrician - a kindly older fellow, was near tears when during a check up he saw the child's cloth diaper. He exclaimed "I NEVER thought I would see one of those in this office again!!"

But now that same cotton clad wee one is calling me an extremist? He's been a lifelong vegetarian, and is forever switching off lights behind other people, and castigating me for imposing my beliefs on others.

The discussion ended with me agreeing to do his laundry, and then taking several of his life-guarding T-shirts (for work) and crumpling them aggressively to "soften" them. He seemed happy and had the stench of victory around him. It all ended in smiles.

But it has left me wondering if there is such a thing as pushing other folks too far? (Or not nearly far enough?)

Or maybe it was just his clever scheme to get me to do his laundry...? HEY!!!

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