25 June 2007

Serendipity and little houses.

Well, a day plus later and things continue to evolve.

First, my niece sent me this about a new type of insulation made from mushrooms.

I'm not sure it's viable at this point, but in a cave it could be like growing my own! And I do love mushrooms on my pizza!! (now if they's just make a solar powered pizza oven! And I am sure "they" do)

Second, Alex at Shedworking gave my page props! DUDE!! That is awsome! (and fun to see my "office" on someone else's blog)

Third - I am a strong believer in serendipity, if you're open to it, and let it happen, and IF it is supposed to, things fall into place. So here's a case in point. Today, my 17 year old son and I were hanging out. Just finished lunch and dropped by our local (favorite) coffee shop Jittery Joe's. I wanted to grab a cuppa, and also snag some of their Morning Ride Organic Dark Roast. (It's fine coffee and organic)

So as we are standing in the coffee shop the guy behind us places his order as we finish paying. I hear James cheerfully say hello and I turn around to see Brian C., a family friend we've known since our kids played soccer together as 5 year olds! Brian is a true Athenian, and a lot of fun. We spent many a frosty spring morning cheering our kids like true "football hooligans". Brian knows lots of folks in town and we caught up. Just as we were getting ready to say our farewells, I mentioned the "fortress", because it struck me that Brian might have an insight. I don't know why, I just did. It turns out that Brian is a big fan of "little houses" and has several books on the subject. (He's even agreed to lend them to me!!) He's interested in the project too, and seems to have both a grasp of what I'm trying to do, and the same passion for such spaces as Alex (of Shedworking) has and I seem to quickly developing.
I got more of a jolt from that side trip to Joe's and I can't wait to get my hands on the books!! Even if it's just some ideas, that's what I'm looking for.
Serendipity I tell you. Karmic equalizations works.
(and getting to hang out with my 17 year old? PRICELESS!!!)

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