30 July 2008

New Camera, and some progress

The ceiling is coming nicely. James has been working on it, and should finish up soon. He really has gotten to the point he HATES stucco, so I'm taking on a lot more of that, and he's doing the other work. (Plus hauling the 80 lb bags for me and helping mix sometime.) He heads off to school in 3 weeks (WHHAAAA!!!!) So we really need to get a move on out here. 

On the other hand, I wasn't feeling great yesterday, so we stayed in and played scrabble. 
By the end of the last game we were giggling so much we got 3 triple word score and then some with "Sir Cod I say I am El Quackie" (Yes, I know we'd broken every rule, but it's only a game, and if the objective was to have a good time, we absolutely accomplished that!)

Now back to the office. This lovely . . . is the east side of the office. Definitely getting the organic lines there. 

This is the dried stucco inside from Saturday. . .

This is the first 80 lbs of stucco up today.

This is the second and third bags up. 

The black PVC is for ventilation. The exposed square in the dry section is the "truth widow" which will be covered with a small door and framed. So that I can show folks - yes it is really made of straw.

It was a long haul but I enjoyed it today. I even mowed part of the back yard and did some good stretching afterwards. It's slow, but it's progress!

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