06 July 2008

Moving forward with room for creativity

One of the interesting lessons in building my own office is that I'm getting to figure things out for myself for the very first time. A professional, by virtue of experience, should know these things.

For example, I have some lovely glass blocks. They were my brother's and he didn't want them
 (evidently his son was putting them in the drive way and they were getting run over...?)

So I have a space for them over the windows - like this:

I think it looks pretty cool - especially now that the tarp is down. (THE TARP IS DOWN!!)

See, really quite pretty.... and they bring more light into the space.

But I'm not sure how to seal them in there.

And of course, in putting on the second coat of stucco, I was stranded on top of the scaffolding while the boys mixed another bag. The whole thing taking on a very organic form. Coating the bales with the stucco makes curves and forms fill out. 

I found it needed a little something. . . 

It's like my own Easter Island statue!!

This will be the view from where my desk will be: 
With the tarp off the West side (it's sealed up enough now) it looks oddly smaller than before. . .

But I like it!!
And from the house, if one looks closely, one can see the office watching!

(look for it!)

It's not fast work and we do get tired, but I'm learning to appreciate the limits of what can realistically be done in a day.  

But more on that another day. I'm tired. . . 

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