27 July 2008

Moving to the inside and some great help!!

Gentle Readers,
Please don't worry, I will be getting a new camera soon. It's absolutely necessary.
In the meantime this weekend we had a visit from my mother. 
Bless her heart, she came down to get her computer worked on, and offered to pitch in on the office build! For a 74 year old woman she did some pretty amazing work! Actually she's in great shape, and I'm proud of her!

Here she is in the loft with James.
(Kudos to Mom for climbing in the loft!!) Over James's left shoulder, you can see the top wall he's put in. We're thinking of building in book shelves up there - with the books as insulation.

Friday, James and I put the ceiling up inside. Miraculously 2 4 ft x 8 ft particle board pieces fit there perfectly. We'll get the top (over the loft) done this week. I'm planning on putting yellow pine tongue and groove from Barberitoes on the ceiling to finish it. It will be SOOOO pretty!

This is what the office looked like Saturday morning... 
This is what I do. I haul, lift, and mix 80 lb bags of stucco. 
This is what James does :
Hangs out of a window about 12 ft. up. and screws in plywood. The ab work out he got from doing this was excellent he said! Mom held his feet while he did this.

It was insane!
This is the stuccoing that Mom and I got done. It's 3 bags worth. It's not a HUGE amount, but we were working in fits and starts. AND Mom was most comfortable doing the area that was roughly between her waist and her shoulders. I didn't want her to over do it. She did a GREAT job! Yeah Mom!
Oh, and this shelf - which will be under the loft next to the ladder so I have a place to put things as I'm climbing up... has one of the most important things - the speakers. James plays DJ - with his iPod, and it's great!! The music keeps up moving, and James has introduced me to lots of music. How cool is that?

This thing has been going on forever now. I'm glad I am enjoying it so much. 

Honestly, I'm looking forward to being done.

James goes to school in a month. We need to have a lot more done by then. Tim has gone to Bishkek, so I am ramping it up a notch to do more. And of course, you'll be kept posted as it develops!!

Camera on the 31st (Tax holiday!) if not sooner!

And Thanks to Mom for this posts photos!!

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