21 July 2008


Hello All!

First, don't despair, we're still here working away.

After a weekend of family reunions, it was great to see everyone and great to get back to the construction. Some of my cousins are thrilled with this, proving that insanity may in fact be hereditary. :-)

Speaking of kin folk, my darling nephew Joe got carried away with my camera (or rather it got carried away with him!) yesterday. He took loads of photos, but now I am getting the dreaded E18 error message which is akin to the canon sureshot Blue screen of death. Bill thinks he can fix it. Now worries, Gentle Readers, if it is not beyond repair I think I can justify buying another on my business account. Maybe. And No, Joe is not in hot water, the camera was gitchy before it got into his little paws.

Today, James wanted a break from stucco. So he fastened down decking and did a super job getting insulation up in the ceiling. I'm so impressed.

And I, well, noting the insanity remark above, carried mixed and applied 2 80 lb bags of stucco. In 98 degree heat, in the middle of the day, alone, on a ladder, on top of the scaffolding, on uneven ground. Let's just say, I've found my zen. 

I'm now ready to take a hot shower so that my skin will be able to breathe, and figure out what to make for dinner tonight. 

Loving the work. Trying not to push it too hard so that I can't do it again tomorrow.  

I think I'll get some aspirin on my way.

Be well, do good. "til then. 

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