19 July 2008


We're on the last section of the exterior wall.  It's on a fairly steep hillside and the scaffolding still doesn't quite enable us to reach the top section we need to be able to reach. I think we'll actually end up with one of us holding up a hawk (the tray) full of stucco while the other climbs up into the loft, leans way out the window and schmers the stucco on to the straw like heavy cream cheese onto a vertical bagel.

BUT this weekend is absorbed by family reunions and such. So next week.

And that video about skooshing the stucco on the wall for the Lowe's guys. . . that'll be done then too.

Until then, 

Take care Dear Readers, and remember your comments are always welcome!

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Tori said...

I am flabbergasted! And really quite impressed. You are going to make me come and visit, aren't you? I've got to see this project. Love the easter island face, btw. It's very you! I've read from stucco forward.. As soon as I get some time I'm going back to the beginning. Good to see you this weekend, we're not too far apart, will have to make it more often.