12 December 2007

Well, WHO KNEW???

Okay, so today is my second full day back at work ON MY OFFICE!!!

We finally finished off the last big project we had for the year so I am now dedicating my time and energy to making some serious progress on my office space.

Monday I was mostly done, but also mostly brain dead. I spent most of the day pulling nails out of salvaged wood and listening to Stephen Colbert interviews. It was what I needed.

Yesterday I decided to tackle the deck and figure out everything I needed to get it done...

Today I went to Lowe's to buy lumber.

Turns out it was a GREAT learning experience. The store was calm for a Wednesday and the staff could not be more helpful. I love it. I asked one of the guys if they noticed things being slower - they said sales are way down. The economy - the housing crunch. It's hitting everyone. But they were all working and helping me and I appreciate it so much!!

And in my incredible learning experience it became clear that I'd made sort of a REALLY STUPID mistake.

Pressure treated wood needs to be nailed with galvanized nails. Regular nails (what I used) will disintegrate over a few years from the chemicals in the pressure treated wood. Melt. Deteriorate. Rust away to nothing.

Okay, all together now... OOOOPPPSSSS!!!!

So that roof? Those floor joists? yah...

Good news, my pals at Lowe's also told me how to fix it.
And they are delivering my lumber on Friday!!!!

So tomorrow, I'm doing pre-emptive repairs. It puts me a little behind schedule, but not nearly as much as having my office roof and floor collapse around me in 3 to 4 years. See. It's all a matter of perspective. . .

It won't be pretty but it will do the job. Thanks GUYS!!

Until tomorrow...

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