26 December 2007

Bass Ackwards

Some days, it just feels like NOTHING is ever going to get finished.

This is what the office looked like about 12 days ago... Are we done now?

Are you kidding me?

Of course not.

BUT progress has been made.

There are times, like today, when I was finishing the roof while recovering from the flu (multi-tasking at it's finest) I realized this almost an adventure in how NOT to build an office.

Okay, so that's probably an exagergation, but I'm tired and finishing the last quarter section of the roof at the bottom feeling like my entire mass was hanging on a serious angle supported by some flimsy particle board, tar paper, random nails and staples felt stupid. I came to appreciate how "real" roofers do shingling etc. from the bottom up. It just makes more sense that way. Duh. And of course, that's just what I didn't do.

BUT it's done, it worked and other than some scratches on my hands and some basic aches, I'm done!! (with the roof, people!)

Tomorrow James and I get to the decking!! Yippeee...?

Yes, it will be great. I'm just sure of it.

Really. . .

go . . . team . . . go. . .
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