27 December 2007

Reasons for building your own shed

This is a VERY old chicken house (or the remnants thereof) on my mother's property. It's at least 60 years old. I'm guessing more towards 100 years. It was built by folks who were going to use it. They didn't have power tools of today, laser levels, or Lowe's. But they did build it themselves and they built it to last. Considering how much exposure it's had to the elements, and that it's not pressure treated anything, the condition of it is pretty impressive. Okay the roof looks rough, but really, that wood just glows.

So I'm starting my "reasons for building your own shed" series.

Today's reasons to build your own shed:
  • getting wonderfully familiar with the seasons including the changes in movement of the sun across the sky in winter and summer
  • hearing the kids in the neighborhood playing on the trampoline they got for Christmas
  • knowing when the mailman comes because you actually know sound the creak of the brakes on the mail truck
  • learning to do something that shows how much you really did in a day, and at the end of the day, you can actually look and see progress (as opposed to 'work of the mind - in which your life consists of hitting keys on a computer for money')
  • developing work habits in a space all your own, and making up little rituals to open and close your work day
  • getting to make innovative changes along the way with only yourself to blame/charge extra/enjoy the changes
  • hearing the creek flowing again for the first time in months (drought's not over yet, but getting there, fingers crossed)
  • getting to listen to whatever you want to when building it and knowing that Millennium Disco Party vibes will forever be in the fibers of your deck

It's been a good one.

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