17 December 2007

Cold and windy and ouch

The weather definitely took a turn. It was COLD and WINDY here yesterday so working on the roof was out. The cement wasn't set as firmly as I would have liked, so the setting of the posts wasn't going to happen.
So how did we take advantage of the spare day? We moved lumber. Lots and lots of lumber.

Front yard to the back yard.

Stacked it. moved it stacked it moved it.

I am trying to think of tasks like this as something akin to going to the gym and working out with weights, balance and cardio all at the same time.

But even so, yesterday, maybe it was the cold, maybe it was the wind, maybe it was just the sheer mass o'stuff, but I was a hurting pup. My legs and back were crying out for hours afterwards. Thanks to my favorite cocktail of aleve and tylenol though, I'm back at it today.

They say basic training for the army is getting up and working really hard physically and it hurts like hell, and then you do it again the next day and the next day and the next day until it doesn't hurt so much anymore.

I am not sure how well that works for someone my age, but I am thinking of adding to my list of benefits to building one's own shed in the bottom of the garden: increased physical fitness.

I guess the question is - can I get out there today and keep moving? Answer - after 2 cups of coffee and a reasonable nights' sleep, I am ready indeed to get going. Without my helper guys I may be a bit more limited, or need to be a bit more creative about how to do some of this, but regardless of my condition, this thing ain't building itself.

And at least the wind is calm today...

More soon!!

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