18 December 2007

Framing the deck.

Today, my dear and beloved husband stayed home.

The deck is now framed out, level, plumb, straight, and ready for bolts and joists.

Yesterday was a bit frustrating. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. I ended up working on the loft - because it was something I could do all alone. But I talked on the phone figured loft ladder stuff, and essentially lost the day.

So this morning when it looked like things were slow to start, I was getting frustrated, again.

I guess one of the challenges of working for oneself - or shedworking - is the official starting and finishing time tends to be much more flexible. Some days I'm up early and don't have time to get dressed (makes for entertaining impromptu video-teleconferences), other days I feel like I need to lick light sockets to get enough of a jolt to get going.

Anyway, the deck framing is now together and the next steps are things I can do on my own.

More later, I need to take an aleve and go make dinner for the men-folk.

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