01 November 2007

Working in the digs.

Well, due to some unexpected developments, I am pushing up my move in date for my office!!

For those of you who have been following this, you'll know that at the moment, I have floor joists, vertical posts, plywood floor (not yet secured) and a desire to get stuff done out here, that ranges from simmering to flaming hot. Today it is flaming hot - so to speak.

The unexpected developments involves my father now being home full time again. There were some problems at the college, he and the dean reached an amicable agreement, and he's back to being retired full time.

And I am not under the gun, but under the cannon to get a host of things done in the next week, and must work uninterupted as much as possible.

So, this morning I am sitting on said platform - putting in my time. It's 55 degrees (f), slightly breezy, and clear at the moment. All in all, it's not unpleasant. Actually, thanks to lots of layers it's sort of sweet. (In that "I'm a hearty woman" sort of way)

I'll post pictures later.

Wish me luck!!

Oh - naming of the office space. I need a name for it. Something that I can call it that will reflect it's character, and not be too over the top.

Current ideas are:
The Estrogren Hut (I live with 3 men and 4 dogs - I deserve a girl place)
The Fortress of Gurlitude
The Shed of Productivity
The office (boring!)
The Pirate Ship (thanks to my son James)
The Pod (thanks to the husband)
Deep Space Mine (ugh)
MySpace (Already taken by some web page)

OKay,.... must be productive... back to work!!



Alex said...

George Bernard Shaw called his 'London' so that his servants could say when anybody called to see him that he was in 'London' (and so unavailable).

For what it's worth, I call mine simply the shed. How about Greenbanks or Treetops?

Mary said...

Hi Alex!!

LOVE IT!! Bill thinks we should call it "disposed" So if anyone calls they can say "Oh, I'm sorry, she's in disposed"


Greenbanks is good. I'm thinking of maybe doing a Pirate ship theme... but that may be a lack of sleep talking...