08 November 2007

Are you kidding me here?

Okay, so from time to time, around the world, I take a little grief from folks about living in Georgia. After all, there is that whole Gone With the Wind to Deliverance thing that makes Georgia seem Oh-So-Special to the rest of the world. Most of the time, I point out that I live in Athens - THE ATHENS of Georgia. The Blue County in the Red State. The most liberal city in Georgia, where the average age (24) combined with the amazing international presence due to the university and the music scene (Think R.E.M., The B-52's, Widespread Panic, Dromedary, and of course, WUGA) makes Athens a very cool and exceptionally tolerant place to live.

As I've said before, we're in a BAD DROUGHT. Athens residents are pitching in, and for the most part, leading the way in water conservation efforts. I'm proud of that.

On the other hand - this just sort of floored me. Our Governor, who has not done diddly squat to limit growth in Georgia, or to curtail water usage leading to this incredible drought situation now has a plan. He's going to pray for rain. See Here - I couldn't make this up!!

Listen, Sonny, if praying for rain were the only way to resolve this problem, I think the Middle East would be an oasis. We're not quite dealing with the same challenges as the Euphrates, yet, but this sort of "leave it to a higher power" sort of thinking isn't going to get the aquifers refilled. Come on!! Maybe all those folks ribbing me about living here are on to something after all.

But we can't just worry about it tomorrow. Even Scarlett learned that lesson.

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