24 November 2007

Slow going... but with rain!!

It's been quiet lately. I've been feeling worn down, achy, and not able to finish off the roof. It's 3/4ths done, but that last bit needs doing. Then comes placing the straw bales, and such. That will be the exciting stuff. We did go to the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop today and pick up two nice double pane windows, in frames for a grand total of $42.10!! Can't beat that with a stick.

Thanksgiving day it rained,(YEAH!!!) so I spent the day before getting everything tarped and covered and moved around. Instead of working on the office this morning I slept in. Honestly, I'm not a morning person at best, but I'm fighting some bronchitis, and last year this time I was on death's door with pneumonia, so I'm trying to gently get through it this time. It's slow going, but I'll have to accept it. No point in working myself sick.

I remember reading some one's account of working to build their shed over the course of about 6 months - working on weekends only. I remember thinking I couldn't stand to wait that long. But at this point that's what we are headed for. I'll finish my mediator certification course next week, and hopefully have some free time to get to work. It's hard doing it alone, especially as the weather gets cold. But I'm looking forward to it, and to having it done!!

I look out my window at the roof and tarps and long to be out there. But I'm glad that things have managed to go as well as they have so far. It's fixin' to rain again tonight and tomorrow. And honestly, the rain is such a blessing I could manage like this for a good while without resenting it. I'm taking my hot cup of tea and climbing under the covers.

More soon. And thanks for the rain!

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