25 November 2007

Rainy days...

It's wet.

That's actually really big news around here.

So I am trying to take it in stride. I think - given that I'm finishing off some work for the Mediation Certification Course I'm doing, I'll focus on that, and be thankful for the wet stuff falling from the sky.

I'll get other things done for the next several days, and then get back to work on the office.

Also, I've decided that I need to plan out the basic deck I want to build. We'll need it, so it makes sense to actually plan it out, as much as possible now, while I'm waiting to move forward on the actual implementation.

It's sort of funny, but I'm finding that I'm actually really looking forward to having a weekend where I don't go to the office! Currently, my office is in my bedroom, so it's hard to avoid. Of course, it will mean having some separate time here and there, but over all, just having a bit of space. It's been a great quiet weekend with the boys, and I've enjoyed that.

Still, I'm starting to itch to get back to construction. (Maybe it's just thinking of all that straw?)

Well, let's see where it goes from here!

Be quiet, listen well, do good.

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