08 August 2008

I think I'm in love...n

Today I started putting on the final "finish coat" of stucco. It's white. It's real pretty.

I did the first wall, just like I did earlier when putting on the second "brown" coat. The consistency is a bit different and I like working with it. Once it was up, and it went up easily, and started to dry I took a straw bristle broom and gently brushed the surface - this smoothed out the surface just a bit. 

The whole day was busy with lots of running around, mowing the lawn, not having TB, and getting stuff at Lowe's (AGAIN!)

But it looks great now. Granted, it's only 1 wall but the surface just glows, and the organic forms are so evident now. 

I ended up sitting in my office for about 30 minutes after I was done just admiring it. 

As tired as I've gotten working on this project, and frustrated and worn out, I realized that the more I work on it, the more I love it. It's my own special space, and each of the million small steps it has taken to bring it into reality is filled with the thoughts, challenges, and inspirations of the day I did it.

It's a special place - and truly a labor of love. 

Photos tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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