07 August 2008

Ends in rubble? Or the next phase?

We finally managed to get the last of the brown coat up - it's the term for the second coat of stucco - The rubble above was scrapped off the floor etc. It will be used for the pathway or something - definitely not thrown away.

Below James put on the last coat - we're using the scaffolding setting for those who are uncomfortable with heights. 
This is the inside after we finished - you can get the feeling for the smoothness wabi-sabi nature of the brown coat. Definitely starting to look much more organic
So organic in fact that I've been inspired by that Florentine sculpture to set the spirits free with in the straw and stucco:
It shows up better when the flash is off and there is less dust in the air. No worries. It's coming.

And speaking of beauty - after stuccoing and cleaning the office floor, we started on the floor boards. These have been sitting outside for about a year - and are in surprisingly good condition. (Thanks to Barbaritoes for the high quality durable finish on the wood!) It just glows and will be SO PRETTY on my floors!!

Stay tuned! More soon!

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