06 August 2008

Heat WAVE 2

Last weekend was busy busy - Bill worked both days because of the tax holiday, and so I put in the time on the office. 

Above was what I got to by Saturday night - the second coat of stucco went up well. It allowed me a lot more freedom other than just trying to get all the straw covered. It was the part of putting on stucco that felt really fun with a lot opportunity to be more expressive of how I want my space to feel. 

Sunday I pushed the full first wall and the second side wall. It was difficult, but great fun and I like the way it turned out. (photos coming soon) The back wall is currently half done. I had to stop because my hands were wet for 3 days and with the stucco grit in my gloves wore away the skin on my fingertips. So I've taken a few days off. James will finish the last of the brown coat on the back wall for me. Then we get to do the finish coat which will be sleeker and white. I think I may only do it on the inside. 

Today we had record heat - outside of my kitchen window, in the shade on the north side of the house it was 102 degrees. I went out to check the thermometer in office. It was 87 degrees !!!
This was at about 3:00, with sun coming into the office and the open side facing south. SWEET!!

More to come!! Stayed tuned!!

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