30 May 2008

Sad News... a memorial of sorts...

Yesterday, we got some sad news...
I grew up watching Harvey Korman on both the Carol Burnett Show and in all of my favorite Mel Brooks 
He was absolutely brilliant in all of his roles, and tonight we're watching "Blazing Saddles". 
I first saw this movie when I was 8. My father took me to see it. I didn't get most of it, but I loved it. And I still do. And all the other movies, lik
e History of the World,Part I and Dead and Loving It.
Harvey Korman has always been a constant in my life, like a funny uncle I looked forward to seeing at reunions.  
Whether it is Hedey Laman (HEDLEY!), Count De Money (DE MONET!) or Harvey Kormam (KORMAN), I'm glad that he was in this world, and could made it a lighter, funnier place. 

Thank you, Harvey Korman!

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