31 May 2008

I'm such a political geek!

Okay, get this...

It's the weekend. It's how out, but nice. Both Bill and James are home. And what have I spent the whole day today doing?

Sitting in front of the TV watching CNN.

The Democratic Party Rules Committee is meeting, and it is ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!!

(again, yes, I am such a geek)

How will the delegates from Florida and Michigan be divided at the DNC Convention in August? Who who be the nominee? HOW LONG will this Primary drag on? 

I've got a PhD in Political Science, have worked with some amazingly talented professors, including Dr. Paul-Henri Gurian, who is my hero and (almost) lives for Presidential Primary Campaign Politics. I've taught American Government at the university level 17 times...

They've just come back... from a 2 hour lunch...



(again, I am SUCH A GEEK!! - and PROUD OF IT!!)

stay tuned...

The office will get built... under someone's administration... :-)

. . . 



My Grandfather, Samuel A. Wells was a Democrat back in the days when being a southern Democrat meant all sorts of things. He stuck with the party through the challenges of desegregation, and through the Carter era. He always wrote to his representatives, and they knew him. Many many years ago, I had the privilege of attending the Georgia State "Jefferson Jackson Dinner". It was a who's who of politics in the South, and he proudly introduced me to Senator Sam Nunn, Zel Miller (who really was a Democrat long ago), and even the handsome Senator Al Gore. While I was young, and an idealists, I knew that I was with someone special. GrandDaddy obviously had the respect of these powerful men. I was so proud of him too.

When I introduced him to Bill (my husband) his question for me was not: Is he a good man? or Can he provide for you? Nope. GrandDaddy asked "Is he registered to vote? and is he a Democrat?" That's what mattered to him.

But GrandDaddy wasn't just a politico, he was a man who genuinely believed that government had the duty to serve the people, and people have to duty to participate in their government. He could organize people and pull them together to work on something that would benefit them all, even when they wouldn't do it on their own. He was tough and had the highest standards for himself and everyone else, but he was always fair and always pushed me to do better, not just for myself but for my world.

One day, he paid my son the highest compliment he ever granted anyone. James was 4 years old, and insisted on holding the door open for everyone going into a coffee shop with us. GrandDaddy watched him thoughtfully and said with a mist in his eyes "That boy will make a fine citizen." My heart swelled and I could not have agreed more. 

Watching the Democratic Party today work together towards finding a fair compromise, towards avoiding further division, and taking steps that could bring someone who wants to unite this badly divided country to a position that could help heal this country has been amazing. It makes me wish my Grandfather could be here to see it. I think he's agree the compromised they reached was the right thing to do.

And watching something this historic with my son, who  is a fine citizen, indeed, gives me hope that Granddaddy was right, and that in his own way, he is also with us. 

That is a very special gift. 

Good work DNC Rules Committee! Good work!

(at least now you know why I'm such a political geek)

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