22 September 2007

Ouch. . .

So, today has been interesting - Bill and I got out there and worked on the foundation piers for a while.

Combine cement mix with water, stir, shovel over to cinder block/rebar pier, dump cement in, tamp down, repeat. Like 25 times.

And for some reason everyone is worn out. Including me. Actually my hands, arms and wrists really hurt. I better have shoulders with definition like Madonna's when I'm finished with this thing.

It's slow. Frustratingly slow.

And as I sit here, covered in cement mix dust, it feels like it will never get done.

I know once we get this part done and start framing out the floor, walls and ceiling it will go faster - at least I'm hoping it will. I need it to.

But at the moment, I guess a hot shower is in order, with my own exfoliant scrubb built in. And then maybe to see a movie about the Russian Mob or something... or to read about the plight of a woman in Afghanistan... or just curl up and go to sleep.

hmmm... well either way, happy equinox folks!! (aren't we supposed to feel more balances at this point...?)

More tomorrow - including, perhaps, a shopping list!!
(For the building!!)

Assuming I can even move.

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