03 September 2007


After planning, replanning, figuring, refiguring, refiguring again, and again, we finally did it!!


It was hot and we were tired, but it is progress!!

More details soon.
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Alex said...

I don't like to carp at such a wonderful moment, but do you usually dig in white clothes?

Mary said...

Hi Alex!!

Excellent question!! - and since I'll be doing a lot of the work here, chances are you all will be seeing a lot of this outfit.

This is the equation: White clothes (too big, already messy and stained, but comfortable) + Red Georgia clay (lot of iron in the soils here, results in rust stains that DO NOT Come out) = Environmentally friendly, comfortable work clothes that can show the proof of hard work.

(Actually, this illustrious outfit was also already very well used while working in horsebarns across Georgia - it's held up well, and tolerates multiple washings... and once it is already filthy - I no longer need to worry about the stains.)

But I think it may be worth a section in the book on "shed working attire" since most folks I know who work from home either (a) get fully dressed as if for business meetings, even though they won't leave home all day or (b) role out of bed, and work most of the day in their pajamas or some semblance there of...

It would be interesting to know. It does give "casual Fridays" a whole new meaning though!!

Thanks for the thought and encouragement!!