20 September 2007

Get a manicure? or Mix and Pour Concrete?

Well, despite continuing lovely weather, today I didn't get to work on the office.
(I know, it's sort of a disappointment for me too.)

Simply put, I had work I HAD TO GET DONE. And I went to the Y to work out. And I worked at the coffee shop, which is a nice place to work when one is working at home, but wants interactions with real live 3 dimensional people.

At the Y, I was enjoying a cardio-induced high, and looked out the window. The DOT is putting down a new, expanded road. We've been ina drought here, and it's bad. But as I was watching the work going on, there was the stink of fresh asphault and a huge cloud of dirt and dust blew up from under one of the machines. It occured to me that I wondered is it possible to have construction without destruction?

I had to take down some trees, but I'll re-use that wood, I hope. Of course it is faster and easier to get in there and rip up a space, and then plant whatever is needed, but how much of the beauty of a place do we loose when we do that?

My dear town of Athens has recently put a ban on housing projects that clear cut wooded land. It's a good thing. I'm proud of us for that.

On the other hand, I also found myself at the coffee shop talking to my pals the baristas. One of them laughed when I was talking with in a few sentences about getting my nails done or working with concrete. She looked at the new trainee, laughed and said "see Mary is one of our favorites here, because you never know if she's going to get a manicure or mix concrete. She just keeps us guessing, but at least it's never dull."

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to work more with the concrete!!

More contruction, less destruction.

And I'll wear gloves so I don't completely ruin my nails.

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