27 July 2007

Missing home...

This is another view of my future building site - and current office al fresco.

I have to say, I find myself sitting in a lovely office in Namibia, in an old old colonial house, and I'm wrapped in scarves and wool vests and still freezing, and I miss my little sauna in the woods, complete with teh wonderful Lucy - she's recovered well from her surgery by the way.

Ground breaking will start shortly after I return home in another week. Next I'm off to Cape Town - which will be even cooler, but they have an indoor heated lap pool which after doing laps and playing at hypothermia here at the hotel roof pool, I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyway, more details to come!

Hope all is well there! (where ever there is!)

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Alex said...

Mary, I'm sure you've been reading about it on Shedworking but just in case, there's a great competition to design a shed being run by Line of Site. Full details at
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