05 July 2007

News Flash!


Let's review:
- Steve, The (adorable) Builder Guy, had given a very rough estimate of upwards of about $30,000. (!!!!) which left me in something of dither.
- The concept of building underground, or at least as an earth sheltered structure, began to look a bit untenable, because of cost, water tables - the site is next to a dried spring bed, and so alternatives were being considered.
- Found Alex's sight in the UK on Shedworking which is full of really fun and inspiring bits of info for the aspiring shed worker.

- Ran into Brian, the groovy lawyer and fellow kids league soccer hooligan, who loaned me books on "Tiny houses"
- Wanted to get doors from nearby strip mall- thus saving the $1000 + french doors wanted to put in for southern exposure (passive solar in the biz)
- Wanted to maintain the environmental "GREEN-NESS" of the coming structure - after all, that IS the whole idea behind this blog.
- Recalled salvage ethic used all over the world that uses what ever local materials are available, and got to thinking about that.
Introducing Barberitos!!

A favorite family eatery - in the soon to be demolished strip mall.

Went by on Thursday (a week ago) and they were getting ready to move.

Went by on Friday evening and they were closed up - moving to the new store.

Went by on Saturday and talked to Phillip the Manager Guy at the East side location.

Called Corporate HQ (here in Athens) on Monday - wrote check for $5o

AND.... This:



My Dear Son and MY DARLING Husband, and even My Precious Father, spent the 4th of July ripping wood out of Barberitos eastside!! (AND I'm making progress on the doors too!)

Of course, now I have some very nice wood, including some lovely tongue and groove paneling I can use and didn't even have to pay extra for the Mexican Restaraunt scenting, plus plenty of corrugated metal sheeting (Sounds fun in rain storm!) and inspiration, but still no plans firmed up. Those are coming.

Now, you are wondering, why wasn't Mary ripping wood with her family for Independence Day? Where was she?

Okay, first, I was there some, though admittedly The Boys did the lion's share of the work.

And Second, despite fighting two wars a couple hundred years ago to avoid being required to do such things, I was labouring under a British Tyrant. Also known as my senior partner. I HAD to finish my Stakeholder Analysis Report for a project we're working on, so I spent the day typing frantically. The final output was over 90 pages of more information on Stakeholders for the Orange Senqu River Basin than you could ever hope to know. Actually, it was a good report, the timing was just difficult. And in his defense, the British Tyrant just set the date for having it done. Really, he's a good guy. Sometimes, I even agree to let him be my boss.

Now, I have the wood, I have inspiration, I have a lead on more wood, Mom has offered some windows she has stored in the barn at her place, and so, oddly, it seems I have most of the materials, and will need to figure out what to build and then build it.

I'm still sticking to the green ideas. And considering the amount of materials I'm saving from the Athens-Clarke landfill, I think I'm reaching that. The cost savings are incredible, and that will save money for solar power panels, the composting toilet, uber insulation, and other exciting things.

The building will probably not be underground. (bummer) The husband wants to build it on a concrete slab (we'll have to install ourselves). I want to save trees. Brian suggested elevating it some instead, to keep it off the ground and allow air circulation (sounds good in the summer), Steve agrees that would be a good option, and I'm wondering what pressure treated lumber is all about. (Wikipedia?) and if I REALLY NEED it.

And so it goes. The building site it fairly flat, but perched on a hilly slope. I need to spend some time thinking about what I want it to be, look like, alternate plans, etc. And so, that's next!!

Here's the view of the site from down in the dry spring bed. Yes, the dog comes with it. She's special that way.

As always, insights, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and free materials are welcome!
p.s. after the writing orgy yesterday, my brain is the consistency of warm cottage cheese. Rambling is a side effect.


Alex said...

Smart work. I think you'll find that you have to adapt your plans this way and that and the key is to keep your main green goal sacred but not get too hung up about some of the accessories/details. Underground would have been interesting, but maybe too interesting. Personally, I like the idea of something raised in the woods (so to speak). I'm sure you've read it already, but if not, take a look at Michael Pollan's excellent A Place of My Own which charts his own shedbuild in a similar kind of location to yours.

Mary said...

hi Alex!

Thanks for the recommendation! It is on the "wish list" for Amazon, and I'll be putting in an order soon!

And speaking of books... CONGRATS!!

Looking forward to yours too!!