10 July 2007


Since my dilemma with pressure treated lumber I've come to the conclusion, I've had enough pressure lately with everything so I want to keep things green, with no chance of leeching arsenic or other nasties.

And I've spent a bit of time thinking about things, talking with friends and family and well, GETTING MY DOORS!!! (Yes, stashed somewhere in Athens are 4 "mall" doors!!)

So things are on track and getting greener by the moment. Sunday my dear friends Sue and Seumas came down from the mountains and we all went out for brunch. I love these folks. I've known them since I moved to Georgia 20 years ago, and have always felt like they know more about living gently on the earth than anyone I know. They've always done it, with such respect and appreciation for the environment, and everything they do, they do with respect and love. This is no short term "eco fad" for them. They are serious about it. Seumas knows more about vegetation of north Georgia than faculty at UGA, and Sue, well, Sue is just awesome.

Anyway, they are excited about the forthcoming greened house and helping put together ideas for it. I am so excited!! Things like geo-thermal heating and cooling systems, uber insulation, and construction ideas well beyond what I can come up with on my own. I'm very lucky to have them as friends.

More updates forth coming, and, soon plans and more pictures. I have to revise a project document for work first.

And thanks to Green Pa, and Alex for your great ideas and inputs!! Please keep them coming!


Alex said...

Have you seen www.shedandshelter.com? A vast array of all sorts of interesting structures.

Mary said...

OHH!! I will have to do that!! THANK ALEX!! You are a wealth of information!!