09 November 2008

Mrs. Leah Gulnaria

Leah is one of our oldest family friends - she and my mother were very close when my parents were with the Friend's Mission Board in Kenya (and I was born there). Leah is from Madioli Kenya, a family and community matriarch. She has 10 children and is an amazing 82 year old woman. She and my mother came to visit in September - They are working together to raise money for a clinic and an orphanage in Madioli where the HIV/AIDS pandemic is wreaking havoc on the community. Leah has lost 3 children to AIDS, and is raising grandchildren herself.
It's a big challenge but one that needs to happen. 

Leah's comment about my office was "It is cement, but it looks like mud!" She's impressed but understandably puzzled by the appearance. It's okay. I'm proud of it and very proud of her too!

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