06 April 2008

Cairo Bound!

Hi Kids!

I just wanted to touch base with you all, thank you for a really fun couple of weeks and all your good work in class.

I made it to Cairo, which was a lot of fun and very educational. If you look over my left shoulder in the photo, you can see the big challenges faced for environmental work there!! (No!! THE OTHER Shoulder!!! I'm talking about the smog and airpollution that is behind me, not the Pyramids!) Yes, really that is Cairo and this was a relatively clear day there!

Also, I wanted to remind you to please send me your Power Point presentations from class if you haven't. I think I am still missing a few.
And regarding the plaster party for my office, it will be delayed a bit. I think I won't be home until sometime in mid May at this point.

I'm currently in Namibia and should have fairly reliable e-mail access for the trip. It's been good to be here and this project has a lot of very interesting components. And as always, Namibia is a lovely place.

I hope you all enjoyed Rome, Naples and Florence. Enjoy Italy, give my best to everyone there and stay in touch!!

This is actually a mispost for my students from Verona... but it does give an idea of what's going on with me!
By the way, I thought building my office was tough... these Pyramids were really humbling when it came to thinking about how and why someone would do something like this!! But they've definitely lasted!!
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