12 March 2008

Not completely gone

Hi Folks!

Sorry to be in absentia for so long. Dad's health took a bad turn - and he needed to be tended to more closely than would allow me to be out working on the "shed". He's with my beloved brother right now, giving me a break.

I did have a magnificent time with the local county permitting office. They finally decided I needed on.

To clarify - when I called last summer, they said "come by when you have your plans together, and we'll get you taken care of."

Well, okay, it's now spring, so what's my excuse?

My plans keep changing.

BUT they wanted something on record, so I went in (3 times) and got the requisit building permits. I had a most wonderful time finding out that my county officials take their jobs seriously and do everything they can to protect the ecology of our area. They had to inspect the site to be sure that I was not building in the riparian zone of the stream that borders our property (I wasn't). Then ANOTHER guy had to come out to check that my building was not impacting the stream with erosion. (It isn't)

When I thanked them for doing this they looked at me like I'd just grown another head. But when I explained that my job is going all over the world helping governments protect their waterways, and that I was so THRILLED to have it in my own back yard. (They nodded, smiled and looked marginally relieved.)

Anyway, I'm now in Italy. (*yeah, life is tough) and I don't quite know when I'll be home.

But that will be saved for another post.

Take care!

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Alex said...

Hope to see you blogging and building again soon.