20 January 2008

Winter Weather Forecast!!!

Twice this week, we have had all sorts of winter weather warnings.
Ice, snows, sleet, freezing rain, school closings, the DoT and Governor asking everyone to stay home because the weather conditions are so hazardous. Not once, but twice!! This usually is a once a year occurance, so twice in a week is unusual.

It makes getting mentally geared up to go work outside sort of difficult.

Of course, the wicked winter weather didn't do much more than throw a few frozen spit balls our way. It hit Atlanta, and north of here, but missed us all together. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. (the photo is from 3 years ago)
But suffice to say folks, the challenge of building one's own shed is that the weather is not always cooperative, and you have to decide what sort of conditions you are willing to work in...

Happy Winter Folks!

(oh, and I'll be back at it in a day or two)

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