12 January 2008

Edge of the earth?

Hi Folks!

Sorry for being in absentia for so long. I have been dealing with a lot of miscellaneous stuff, so I haven't posted like a good girl. (No one makes snide comments about me being a good girl, okay?)

Right now the office/shed is sheathed in tarps while I wait for the bales to settle. (It sort of looks like it's wearing a big blue condom with a metal roof ...)

I'm about to head out to do some more work and will take the requisit photos.

But I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, it just feels like it. I've been pushing hard to get set up to work again, because, um... I HAVE TO. I didn't get a contract I really really hoping for, and that sucks. So I've revamped my CV, sent out some over due invoices, and spent a lot of time strategizing about what's next.
The (almost) funny thing is that it is possible that upon finishing my beautiful office, I may end up taking an assignment that will having me living on the other side of the planet more than half the year. How ironic is that?

Okay, outside to work. Burning day light here.

Back with photos tonight.

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