12 October 2007


We've finally had a change in the weather. Yesterday the temperature here didn't get above 78 f /25 c, and that nip of cool autumn air is starting to permeate everything. Finally.

I got out and worked on the office a bit yesterday evening before it got dark - I managed to get the beams set and did it by myself!! (for the most part!) It consisted of drilling holes in the 4x6 beams to match the threaded half in rods in the concrete. That was fun. Each beam has a secondary 4x6 which will be bolted together to give it some extra strength, plus one down the middle. It's slow but it's progress!! And it was nice to have to wear another layer while going to work outside - at least until I warmed up enough to loose it and work in a T-shirt.

In the meantime, this morning's news was greeted with good cheer. Al Gore and the UN IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) won the Nobel Peace Prize!! It is no surprise, because the rest of the world take this whole thing much more seriously than the US does, but it was still a nice thing for Al. And for the 2000 member of the IPCC!! GO TEAM!!

Speaking of climate change, we finally had a small rain the other day. But it's not enough and it's getting bad all over the place around here - Atlanta is talking about running out of water too. But more on that soon. I've been thinking about it, but right now, I want to enjoy this day.

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